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About Us

We are committed to providing you with the highest best quality handheld vaporizers like no other on the market. For Aromatherapy use only.

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HT BROS TECH proudly presents HippyTrips vaporizers for your every need and purpose. HippyTrips store always intends to bring you the best quality vaporizer experience for your personal qualifications. We care that our portable herbal vaporizers, wax and vape pens are always quality and affordable. We offer what no other companies offer so that we meet the top standards of what we personally would use ourselves. Everything we bring to the table has been tested and reviewed by real people, from heavy everyday user to the occasional user. We present 4 different types of concentrate vaporizer pens for sale. For aromatherapy use only

     OG HippyTrips Vaporizer: Great for your heavy user which can hold the most concentrate and still deliver a phenomenal hit. It comes with replaceable coils that work from a 1 month to 3 months but has been know to go much longer. If you plan on being at a party for all you friends to use,on a long boat trip, at the lake or beach, hiking on a beautiful journey into the wilderness or out on a camping trip at your favorite sites this is the best one for you.

    "Trip Twice" HippyTrips Vaporizer: This vape pen is "Unbelievably Satisfying" if you are looking for a heavy hitter dab pen than look no further. This pen is recommended for you. With our dual titanium coil wrapped around dual ceramic rods. This also comes with the Mini Istick battery from Eleaf which counts every hit up to 10 seconds, gives you a view of percentage left in you battery with easy to view LED screen to make sure you are always aware of you usage and has variable voltage control 3.3 to 5 " we recommend 4.2 volts for highest quality use". Just 2.1 inches tall and slightly over 1 inch wide with a height of 4.5 inches with your Trip Twice atomizer it is very compact and easy for discreet use fits directly in you hand or pocket.

    "Lil Hippy" HippyTrips vaporizer: Great for your average user. Very discreet and is a true mini of the "OG HippyTrips" takes the same coils and works just as great with smaller chamber. This pen defiantly hits like the OG and great for any occasion. This will be explained clearly in your directions when you receive you "Lil Hippy". This pen is of the highest quality and highly recommended for the average low-key user. This pen is guaranteed to deliver what the OG Hippy Trips offers just on the mini level. 

    "Xpendable Hippy" This is a disposable concentrate pen. This pen is a great for one night at the club or out at any place for the most discreet users. This pen will surprise you on how great a hit it delivers and the easy loading ability. We have chose a quality disposable pen that will leave you satisfied and happy. 

 HippyTrips Online Store for Vaporizers for Sale:   

These Vaporizers will bring you the best experiences.  You will tell you friends about us. We aren't just trying to sell you a vaporizer. We are here to offer a lifestyle not a trend. Our customers needs are always number 1 and we always put you ahead of our vaporizer to be sure we reach you on a personal level to ensure your experience is satisfying. We always offer the highest quality customer service. Your needs are our highest priority and we guarantee everything we offer. We care about integrity and honesty. Check out our Vaporizers and if you have any questions feel free to ask through our "Contact Us" page we will be sure to have a prompt response. Look at HippyTrips as a new friend because would like to help and take care of you on a personal level.